Virtual Mobility Grants

VM grants consists of a collaboration in a virtual setting among researchers or innovators within the COST Action, to exchange knowledge, learn new techniques, etc. They are a flexible tool to implement virtual activities inside the network. Some examples of activities that can be performed by a VM grantee can be found on Annex 2 to COST Annotated Rules. Among others:

  • Activities that can generate capacity building and new skills, particularly for Young researchers and Innovators, or virtual mentoring schemes,
  • Research coordination related activities that do not require in-person presence, as computational or modelling activities or data analysis of the Action for a specific report or activity.

Maximum grant amount is 1.500 EUR. Applications for VM Grants will be reviewed as they arrive, and until september 15, 2022.
VM grants must be completed before October 15. VM reports should be sent before the last day of the Action Grant Period (October 31).

Applications will be managed by the Grant Awarding Coordinator with the support of the VNS grantee, and evaluated by the Action CG according to the criteria described below.


Continuous assessment under the following criteria

The CG will asses: