Dissemination Conference Grants

Dissemination Conference Grants consists in a presentation of the work of the Action in high-level conferences by an Action participant. Maximum grant amount is 2.000 EUR for F2F events or 500 EUR for virtual ones.

Deadline: Applicansts are expected to submit their requests before september 15, 2022 and at least 30 days before the conference start date. DCG reports should always be sent before October 31.

Applications will be managed by the Grant Awarding Coordinator and evaluated by the Action CG according to the criteria described below.


Requires an active e-cost profile.

The applicants shall:


Applications will be reviewed as they come.

The CG will asses:

  • The trajectory of the researcher and involvement within the network
  • The quality of the presentation and effectiveness to show the Action achievements and activitites
  • The alignment of the presentation with the Action Science Communication plan and expected impact
  • The expected contribution to increase the visibility of the network and probability to attract additional participants/stakeholders


After delivery of the presentation.

The grantee should: