AttoChem Action is open to any researcher or innovator in the world interested in the field of Attosecond Science. Participation can take the form of an ad-hoc participation, subject to invitation by the Action MC during the lifetime of the Action, or long-term participation, in which case the individual participant should formally request membership to any of the Action Working Groups (see below).

Participation as WG member implies a duty to contribute to the realisation of the objectives of the WGs and  gives right of access to activities and information shared in the Action. Participation as WG member does not imply a right for being reimbursed for participation in AttoChem activities.

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How to join us

Any researcher affiliated to an entity anywhere in the world can request joining the network sending a membership application here: (having an e-COST profile is required).

Senior and Young Researchers (pre- or post- doctoral researchers under the age of 40) can also register their group at AttoChem website to increase their visibility, promote collaborations, and offer themselves as hosts for STSM or Virtual Mobilities:

WG membership requests will be assesed according to the following criteria:

  • Alignment of scientific background of the researcher to AttoChem activities,
  • Level of motivation,
  • Declared Working Group contribution,

and following the COST Rules, the COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy, and the Openness and Inclusiveness Principle.

For detailed information on how to participate in an ongoing Action, please, check:

The Action operates according to COST documents and guidelines, as published here: