Virtual Networking Strategy

COST Action 18222 AttoChem – Virtual networking strategy

Building a virtual networking strategy on the basis of well-defined objectives enables to improve the activities and the action of the whole network. Especially during this period of social distancing, the possibility to interact and share knowledge plays a crucial role.

The main objectives defining our virtual networking strategy over the second GP are the following: 

  • promoting and advertising the research activities of the groups belonging to the network
  • reinforcing the communication and the knowledge transfer among the different working groups
  • familiarizing researchers as well as the wider public with the research activity carried out within the network.

A well-planned strategy to promote dissemination activities is a key tool toward the Action objectives and deliverables, such as production of educational materials, publications, establishment of new collaborations etc. In addition to this, the use of virtual tools is a golden opportunity to promote the COST inclusiveness policy with a focus on the promotion of gender balance and the research of early career investigators as well as on the support of researchers working in Inclusiveness Target Countries.

The COST Action AttoChem virtual networking strategy will be based on a clearly outlined agenda combined with well-established aims, according to the COST policy. Among the dissemination activities, a key role will be played by videos, webinars and annual meeting/symposiums. Moreover, a number of calls will be planned to encourage researchers interested in virtual mobility grants.

Particular attention will be dedicated to the management of the pre-event planning as well as to the organization, coordination and promotion of the events. For each event, a detailed proposal will be produced (with info on the timelines, suppliers, legal obligations and budgets).

In line with the COST policy, geographical, gender and degree balance, together with inclusiveness criteria, will be taken into account in the event planning and in the selection of virtual mobility grants.

Aurora Ponzi
GP2 VNS Manager