Virtual Networking Strategy

COST Action 18222 AttoChem – Virtual networking strategy

The Virtual Networking (VN) strategy of the CA18222 aims to encourage and promote virtual collaboration among the members of our network, under the coordination of the Virtual Networking Support (VNS) manager. The VN strategy includes all activities that do not require in-person presence and that can significantly increase the visibility and impact of the COST Action. These activities, complementary to the more traditional Action networking tools, such as short term scientific missions or communication / dissemination activities, contribute to the achievement of the COST Action’s Objectives, as defined in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Furthermore, the use of virtual tools is a golden opportunity to promote the COST inclusiveness policy with a focus on the promotion of gender balance and the activity of early career investigators as well as on the support of researchers working in Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) and Near Neighbor Countries (NNC).

Our virtual networking strategy includes specific tasks such as defining how the online activities of the Action will be planned, coordinated and reported, and how they will contribute to the overall action of the network. Among the activities set out in our VN strategy, there are the organization of virtual events such as Management Committee (MC), Core Group (CG) and Working Group meetings as well as training schools and preparation of dissemination videos.

Overall, the main objectives defining our virtual networking strategy can be summarized as follows: 

  • promoting and advertising the research activities of the groups belonging to the network
  • reinforcing the communication and promoting the knowledge transfer among the different working  groups
  • familiarizing researchers as well as the wider public with the research activity carried out within the network
  • fostering collaboration with other networks and communities
  • supporting the CG and the MC in the discussion and planning of virtual events
  • selecting the most suitable virtual tools in line with the Action’s deliverables and objectives
  • coordinating the calls for the Virtual Mobility (VM) grants.

A number of calls will be planned to encourage researchers interested in VM grants. These calls will be coordinated by the VNS Manager and applications will be evaluated by the CG on behalf of the MC. VM grants will be awarded to applicants who propose virtual activities that aim to make a significant contribution to the achievement of the COST Action’s Objectives.

Particular attention will be dedicated to the management of the pre-event planning as well as to the organization, coordination and promotion of the events. In line with the COST policy, geographical, gender and degree balance, together with inclusiveness criteria, will be taken into account in the event planning and in the selection of VM grants.

Aurora Ponzi
VNS Manager