About us


Academics, researchers and engineers working in Attosecond Science and related areas are welcome to join the Action.

Short Term Scientific Missions

STSM are expected to become the main cooperation instrument within Action participants. They will be primarily intended to promote new, interdisciplinary, interpectoral, intergenerational and geographically distributed collaborations between groups participating in the Action..

ITC Conference Grants

Inclusivness Target Countries (ITC)  Conference Grants (CG) can support Early Career Investigators (ECI) and PhD students who wish to attend an international conference on the topic of the Action to present results related or obtained in the frame of the network.

Working Groups

To achieve the goals of the Action, AttoChem will be structured in three Working Groups (WG) led by a WG Leadder (WGL). Although each WG will concentrate on specific goals, strong interactions between them are expected.