Short Term Scientific Missions

One of the main objectives of our AttoChem COST Action is to stimulate long term collaborations that can contribute to meet the Action challenge between the nodes of the network. One of the best ways to proceed is to encourage many researchers to apply for short term scientific missions (STSM).


Please follow the instructions in the following document STSM-PROCEDURE

STSM applications must be submitted online using e-cost platform: STSM applications are managed by the STSM-Coordinator, Prof. Bernard Piraux ( directly trough e-cost.

STSM beneficiaries will be asked to provide a scientific report and a summary for outreach purposes after completion of the research mission. Failure to submit these reports within 30 days may effectively cancel the grant.


STSM must be completed in their entirety within each Grant Period (GP), ending on April 30th each year (except for the current one, extended until October 31st ). As a consequence, it is not recommended sending new applications by the end date of each GP. Applicants willing to start their STSM at the beginning of a GP can submit their applications during the previous one provided that the COST Office has activated it at e-cost, although formal approval may not be sent until the applicable GP has started. As a consequence, there might be a short timeframe in which applications are not possible.


A list of approved missions (including links to scientific reports/summaries, when available) can be found here.