New attosecond techniques for the control of electron dynamics in molecules.

The first WG will focus on the new experimental techniques that will be developed or adapted over the period of the COST Action. Development of experimental setups is crucial in designing new strategies for the control of processes acting on attosecond time-scales.

The main objectives of the WG include:

  • generation of high-repetition rate attosecond pulses to selectively trigger electron dynamics in molecules.
  • implementation of efficient attosecond UV/XUV-only pump-probe schemes for an optimum imaging of electron dynamics.
  • combination of time-resolved mass spectrometry with VMI and multi-coincidence detention methods for a detailed analysis of the coupled electron and nuclear dynamics arising from attosecond CUV irradiaton.
  • application of pump-probe schemes to liquid samples for a better understanding of the role of the solvent.
  • increasing the performance of high-harmonic emission through assisted XUV excitation.
  • extension of high-harmonic emission to X-ray region and generation of sub-fs pulses in X-ray FELs.

This WG will be characterized by specific research tasks involving ionization of medium and large size molecules by attosecond pulses and attosecond UV/XUV-only pump-probe studies in molecules. Additionally, molecular fragmentation will be followed with time-resolved multi-coincidence studies in order to, for example, disentangle competing reactions or fragmentation channels from each other. Further key tasks will include ionization studies of molecules embedded in a solvent and high-harmonic spectroscopic studies of electron dynamics in molecules.

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