Action management structure

Management structures and procedures within AttoChem Action will seek for simplicity, flexibility and efficiency, and will be based on COST rules for Action implementation, managing and monitoring.

The Management Committee (MC), as governing body of the Action, will meet once per year, after the Kick Off meeting and at the time of other major networking events (as Annual Workshops or Joint WG meetings). Other urgent matters will be dealt with by electronic means. MC members will be responsible for (i) organizing Action activities to achieve its objectives, (ii) contributing to disseminate these activities and their results, (ii) promoting collaboration among Action participants, (iii) inform on funding opportunities in their home countries, and (iv) identifying other international networks to interact with. The MC will be chaired by the Action Chair and Action Vice-Chair.

Three Working Group Leaders will guide and supervise the research efforts within each WG, lead scientific discussions and provide annual reports on the WG progress.
The Core Group (CG) is the executive body in charge of supervising the overall network activities, taking urgent decisions on behalf of the MC, and preparing reporting materials. It will be composed by the Action Chair, Vice-Chair, WG Leaders, STSM-Coordinator, COST Policies Coordinator and SCM. They will communicate by email and virtual meetings anytime is required but not less than every 6 months.

The STSM Coordinator will coordinate STSM applications, rules and procedures based on CG decisions.

The Science Communication Manager (SCM) will be responsible for the communication and dissemination strategy, including visual identity, website structure and newsletter, acting as coordinator of national initiatives.

Three COST Policies Coordinators (CPC) will supervise the implementation of COST policies (Excellence, Inclusiveness and Participation of non-COST Countries and Specific Organizations) and send recommendations in case of deviations. They will coordinate efforts to widen the Action impact by contacting nearby communities, promoting international cooperation, and attracting and establishing liaisons with industry (especially, SMEs). One of them will also coordinate the Inclusiveness Target Countries Conference Grants (ITC-CG) applications, rules and procedures, based on CG decisions.

An Advisory Board (AB) composed by a set of MC Observers from NNC or IPC Approved Institutions and some SME representatives will be in charge to monitor the implementation of the network, international dimension and impact, and send suggestions either to CPCs or to MC/CG members.

All above mentioned actors were elected in the Action kick off meeting and are listed below:

  • Action Chair: Prof Fernando MARTÍN (ES)
  • Action Vice-Chair : Prof Francesca CALEGARI (IT)
  • STSM Coordinator: Prof Bernard PIRAUX (BE)
  • Science Communication Manager (SCM) and VNS Manager: Dr Aurora PONZI (HR)
  • CPC on Geographical Inclusiveness and ITC-CG Manager: Prof. Agnes VIBÓK (HU)
  • CPC on Gender Balance: Dr Violeta PETROVIC (RS)
  • CPC on Early Career Investigators (ECI): Dr Iva BREZINOVA (AT)
  • Advisory Board: It is composed by L. Argenti (US), L. DiMauro (US), K. Ueda (JP), M. García (ES), T. Metzger (DE)

For a detailed list of Action MC and MC Substitute members, we refer you to the participants section (link) or to the Action page on the COST Association website:|Name:management-committee

The Action Grant Holder (GH) is the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (ES). Any question related to Action funds can be addressed to:

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