About AttoChem

AttoChem Action is an interdisciplinary network supported by COST, whose main objective is to design attosecond light pulses and attosecond control strategies that can efficiently be used to induce unusual charge migration dynamics in molecules, isolated or in solution, so that one can selectively break and form chemical bonds, thus leading to new chemical reactions or avoiding the expected ones. This will be achieved through the specific objectives detailed in an Action Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Researchers interested in the field of Attosecond Science may obtain further information in this web site, the official Action’s web page or getting in contact with:

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How to join us

Any research group established in a COST participating Country who has already signed the Memorandum of Understanding, can request joining the network registering the group in this Action web site: https://attochem.qui.uam.es/?page_id=955

Early Career Investigators (ECIs) and PhD students enrolled in a registered research group are welcome to register separately in other to increase their visibility: https://attochem.qui.uam.es/?page_id=1780

The Action Chair will receive a message and will evaluate if the expertise of the group is appropriate to contribute to the achievement of the Action objectives. If so, the request to be integrated in the Action will be approved and the research leader will be notified.

If the country has not signed yet the Memorandum of Understanding, the researcher should also contact the COST National Coordinator (CNC).

If the research group is not established in a COST participating Country, the intention to join should be justified in an e-mail to be sent to attochem@uam.es.

For detailed information on how to participate in an ongoing Action, please, check: https://www.cost.eu/cost-actions/how-to-participate/

The Action operates according to COST documents and guidelines, as published here: https://www.cost.eu/funding/how-to-get-funding/documents-and-guidelines/