The Frontiers of Attosecond and Ultrafast X-ray Science

The Frontiers of Attosecond and Ultrafast X-ray Science

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  • On 18 April 2023
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The International school on “The Frontiers of Attosecond and Ultrafast X-ray Science” was held from 26th to 31th March 2023 in Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Sicily, Italy: The School was organized by Louis Di Mauro and Mauro Nisoli. The primary objective of this school is to educate the next generation of scientists who will influence the future of attosecond and ultrafast x-ray science.

The School provided young researchers with training on current developments on attosecond experiments. In particular: (i) attosecond science and technology, devoted to the generation and application of attosecond pulses to the investigation of electronic dynamics in atoms, molecules, nanostructures and condensed phases; (ii) fundamentals, methods and applications of free electron lasers in atomic and molecular science.

The Erice Attosecond School may become a reference for young researchers willing to acquire an accurate vision on the emerging field of attosecond science, from its foundations to the latest advances.

The school hosted 72 trainees and 9 lecturers form 7 countries who gave 26 hours of teaching. Scientific discussions took place till late nights during evening parties and during one half-day for free discussions. The webpage of the School can be found at this address: http:// /

Lecturers and topics of the lessons:

Lukas Gallmann – ETH -Zurich (Switzerland), Laser Technology for Attosecond Science
Mikhail Ivanov – Max Born Institute (Berlin, Germany), Fundamentals of strong field physics
Anne L’Huillier – Lund University (Sweden), Attosecond atomic physics
Matteo Lucchini – Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Attosecond solid state physics
Agostino Marinelli – SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (USA), XFELs General theory. Attosecond FELs and applications
Fernando Martín – Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain), Attosecond molecular physics – Theory
Luca Poletto – IFN-CNR (Italy), X-ray optics
Pascal Salieres – CEA-Saclay (France), Attosecond metrology
Marc Vrakking – Max Born Institute (Berlin, Germany), Attosecond molecular physics – Experiments

The slides of all presentations were sent to the students at the end of the School.


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