YSS2021 – Facts and figures

YSS2021 – Facts and figures

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  • On 6 October 2021

The Attochem Young Scientists’ Symposium 2021 was a four-day meeting dedicated to young researchers and PhD students in the field of ultrafast optics and attosecond science.

The aim of this symposium was to provide participants with a platform to share their works and discuss with colleagues. This is particularly important for young scientists to gain experience and foster their scientific career.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, the event was organized online and therefore particular care has been taken to maximize active involvement of participants. The organization committee was fully composed by young scientists and PhD students, at their first experience with the organization of this kind of events. Therefore, besides the principal goal of providing a platform for participants to share their work, this symposium was a formative experience also for the organization committee itself.

The event was held on the four days without any important technical issue. The number of registered participants was very high (158), showing the overall quality and attractiveness of the event program.

The affiliations of participants were also very diverse. Among the first seven major nationalities two of them (USA and China) are outside Europe. Moreover the 9% of participants (14) were from Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC).

Almost half of the public (46%) was composed by PhD students and another big portion of the audience (32%) was composed by Early Career Investigators (less then 8 years from the completion of their PhD). Only a small fraction of registered participants (20%) were senior researchers. The organization committee believes these numbers are perfectly in agreement with the goal of the symposium and its main target. Regarding the gender distribution, the registered participants were for the 70% male and for the 28% female.

The number of submissions to the symposium was very high considering the target of the event. During the four days 35 talks (11 invited and 24 contributive) and 25 poster presentations were provided. A book of abstract was put together to collect all contributions and made available to the registered participants at the following link: Book of Abstract. All contributions were recorder and the ones for which we received the agreement from the speakers will be uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the AttoChem network: YouTube channel.

The satisfaction of the audience was also assessed after the meeting through a questionnaire, available at this link. The average overall rating of the symposium was 4.6/5, with no answer below 4/5. The choice of Zoom as an online platform for the event was appreciated by the 96.4% of the repliers, however we report that many of them underlined the difficulties linked with an online event. These are particularly important for an event that aims at giving to young researchers the possibility to connect with peers and discuss with seniors. For this reason, the organization committee suggest trying to organize the next edition of the symposium as a live event, compatibly with the pandemic situation in Europe.

Website for additional information: Young Scientist Symposium – 2021

AttoChem Channel Palylist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zapZpWHpUtc&list=PLZdQHnbBuXc-UmwxcXJh-hodw0EV9ov7f

The Young Scientist Symposium was organized by PhD Students and ECI within the Attochem COST Action (CA18222).

  • Gabriele Crippa (Politecnico di Milano, Italy) – COST Local Organiser
  • Hristina S. Delibašić (University of Kragujevac, Serbia)
  • Torsha Moitra (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
  • Juan José Omiste Romero (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)
  • Tomislav Piteša (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia)
  • Vincent Wanie (CFEL, Germany)


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