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On April 28, 2021, COST launched a pilot on Virtual Networking Tools (VNT) for the promotion of virtual networking activities (more info in the attached document  and COST Vademecum, pages 36-39,, that will remain open until the end of current GP (October, 2021).

The Virtual Networking Tools include two new types of grants, Virtual Networking Support (VNS) Grants and Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants. Their aim is to further support the Actions to implement their activities as much as possible during these challenging times.

Virtual Mobility (VM) Grants aim at strengthening the existing networks by allowing scientists to foster collaboration in a virtual setting, to exchange knowledge, learn new techniques, disseminate Action results, etc. The successful applicant(s) will be selected by the MC to perform activities that do not necessarily require in-person presence. These activities may include surveys, questionnaires or preparation of protocols, virtual mentoring of activities that can generate capacity, build new skills, etc. a list of activities that could be funded can be found on COST Vademecum, Section 10.2.3.

AttoChem COST Action is looking for candidates for Virtual Mobility Grants (max 1.500 € each) with the profile described below. The call will be opnened by the end of June.  

Candidate’s profile:
• Applicant(s) are Action participants with a primary affiliation to an institution located in a COST Full or Cooperating Member country or MC Observers from a COST Near Neighbour Country.
• The applicant shall be prepared to develop a virtual activity that should generate benefits to the Action and actively contribute to the activities and overall objectives of the Action,. A report on the virtual activity should be submitted for approval to the coordinator of VM grants.
• The selection of successful grantees shall be based on contributions to the overall objectives of the Action, the approved strategy on the virtual networking for the Action and the implementation of the COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy.
• The activities expected to be performed by the successful applicant, but not limited to, are:
✓ To support the harmonisation and standardisation of methods and procedures within the Action networking activities COST Action on Attosecond Chemistry (CA18222)
✓ To support the implementation of research related activities that do not necessarily require in-person presence.
✓ Virtual mentoring scheme, with special focus on activities and exchanges that can generate capacity building and new skills, particularly for ECIs researchers (e.g. managerial skills, methodological skills, communication skills, etc).
✓ Content preparation and coordination of science communication activities.

More info can be found in the following documents:
– COST Vademecum, pages 36-39,
– FAQ document:
Step-by step user guide
– VM template for grant application:
– VM report template:


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