PhD position in Theoretical Attosecond Physics at Lund University

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  • On 20 May 2021
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Topic: Doctoral student in Physics with focus on theoretical attosecond physics 

Where: The PhD student will work in the group of Jan Marcus Dahlström at the Mathematical Physics Division at Lund University, Sweden.

Work duties: The PhD students shall work on the development of methods for studies of non-linear interaction and photoionization of atoms by electromagnetic fields. The studies will include laser-driven electron dynamics within atoms into time-dependent excited states, as well as studies of how excited atoms interact on the mesoscopic and macroscopic length scale. Both semi-classical and quantum mechanical description of light will be considered. According to published studies, these excited atoms can be used as a new kind of  ”clock” to perform time-frequency analysis of attosecond pulses, but exactly how accurate these measurements can be is still an open question. Atoms are composed of many electrons and their dynamics must, therefore, be approximated in some way. We use the Time-Dependent Configuration-Interaction Singles (TDCIS) method, and diagrammatic many-body perturbation theory, as our starting points. Numerical implementations of new programs and sub-routines will be written in modern FORTRAN. Collaboration on codes within the research group is carried out using GIT. Specific sub-topics for the project include:
A) Development and implementation of a method for mesoscopic and macroscopic effects in the interaction between attosecond pulses and excited atoms. Specific focus toward ultra-fast optics and quantum optics.
B) Development and implementation of a method for time-dependent single excitations that include relativistic effects starting from the Dirac Hartree-Fock equations (RTDCIS). Specific focus toward relativistic attosecond physics.
The main duties of doctoral students are to devote themselves to their research studies which includes participating in research projects and third cycle courses. The work duties can also include teaching and other departmental duties (no more than 20%).

DEADLINE: 2021-05-24

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