First Announcement: Attosecond to Few-Femtosecond Ultrafast Science at Future FELs

  • Posted by Grant Holder Manager
  • On 16 March 2021

European XFEL is currently working on road maps for major upgrades of its instrumentation considering the present 6 Instruments as well as equipping of already existing, but still empty, tunnels and even construction of additional tunnels.

One scientific key area was identified: Science on Attosecond to Few-Femtosecond Time Scales.
To that end, the International Workshop “Attosecond to Few-Femtosecond Ultrafast Science at Future FELs” (AsToFewFs@FutureFELs) will illuminate current interests and stimulate thinking and future visions in major research fields within that topic.

This 3-day (online) workshop from 28 to 30 June 2021 is planned to feature 9 topical sessions, with more than 30 presentations by invited scientists. However, a major focus of this workshop will be on free discussions on emerging science questions in 5-10 years from now, where we encourage all workshop attendees to lively participate in “virtual roundtable” discussions in each topical session. These discussions include the opportunity to bring up more ideas, also by making use of screen-sharing important slides by the participants, if desired. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to and shape the future of an emerging field with substantial scientific and technological impact potential.

Goals of this workshop will be:

– Visions of key ultrafast science questions in 5-10++ years from now
– Major drivers in different fields from AMO and nonlinear physics through chemistry into condensed-phase and (quantum-)materials science
– Accelerator/undulator concepts necessary for envisaged science
– Stimulate thinking “outside the box” of currently ongoing or near-future activities

The current list of invited speakers who confirmed their participation include:

Nora Berrah (Univ. of Connecticut, USA)
Valérie Blanchet (Univ. of Bordeaux, France)
Martin Eckstein (Univ. of Erlangen FAU, Germany)
Jörg Evers (MPI for Nuclear Physics, Germany)
Taisia Gorkhover (DESY, Germany)
Oscar Grånäs (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Alexey Kimel (Radboud University, Netherlands)
Anne L’Huillier (Lund University, Sweden)
Jon Marangos (Imperial College London, UK)
Agostino Marinelli (SLAC, USA)
Shaul Mukamel (Univ. of California Irvine, USA)
Françoise Remacle (Univ. of Liège, Belgium)
Daniel Rolles (Kansas State University, USA)
Kai Rossnagel (DESY, Germany)
Daniela Rupp (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
Giuseppe Sansone (Univ. of Freiburg, Germany)
Evgeny Schneidmiller (DESY, Germany)
Martin Schultze (TU Graz, Switzerland)
Takashi Tanaka (RIKEN Spring-8 Center, Japan)
Martin Wolf (FHI-MPG, Germany)
Linda Young (Argonne National Lab, USA)

Please mark your calendars, we are looking forward to seeing and discussing with you!

The Program Committee:
Stefano Bonetti
Francesca Calegari
Hermann Dürr
Gianluca Geloni
Gerhard Grübel
Marc Guetg
Steve Johnson
Alex Kuleff
Alexander Lichtenstein
Anders Madsen
Michael Meyer
Fernando Martín
Andreas Scherz
Serguei Molodtsov (EuXFEL/Local Chair)
Thomas Pfeifer (Chair)


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