AttoChem WG3 session within SMUS2020 Workshop

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  • On 1 October 2020
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The SMUS2020 online workshop ( was organised by Laura Cattaneo, MPIK, Heidelberg, Germany. It focused on current hot topics in research activities of soft matter, specifically liquid crystals, and ultrafast spectroscopy techniques. Among the latter we listened to talks about high fields THz pump-probe experiments, attosecond transient absorption and high harmonic generation spectroscopy. Moreover, we could receive a complete overview of the computational tools to capture the discussed dynamics spanning very different timescales, thus involving electron activity, nuclear motion and possible correlations.
In fact, the main goal of this workshop was to gather international scientists from complementary disciplines with the aim to achieve a deeper understanding of the electronic and nuclear dynamics occurring at an extremely wide temporal and spatial scale in LCs, and more generally in soft matter from both experimental and theoretical point of view.

The AttoChem WG3 session included an overview on the field by Fernando Martin (Action Chair), Francesca Calegari (Actoin Vice-Chair), Christian Ott (WG3 member), and Milutin Kovacev: Leibniz Universit├Ąt (Hannover, DE) as external speaker.

The workshop was organized in two half days, form 9 to 13 am CEST. The final program saw 6 talks each day, 10 invited and 2 extra included after selection from a number of submitted abstracts.
The invited speakers were chosen to cover both expertise: soft matter and ultrafast spectroscopy.
The total number of participants every day was on average 30-35 people.
Regarding the meeting outputs, on the website above mentioned there is available the final program which includes the contacts, title and abstracts of all the interventions at the workshop.
Moreover, to all the participants it has been sent a link to access to the recording of the meeting for both days.


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