A New COST network: road map for exploring ultra-fast science

  • Posted by José Manuel
  • On 25 October 2019

On 24th of October 2019, the AttoChem COST Action was launched in Brussels, Belgium with the support of experts and scientists from 25 European countries. The Action focuses on ultrafast electronic motion in atoms and molecules, with the aim of designing new strategies for the control of chemical reactions.

The Attosecond landscape can be explored with recently developed, ultrashort intense light sources operating in the XUV and X-ray spectral regions together with sophisticated theoretical tools.

The aim of the Action is to bring experimental and theoretical communities together to exploit the large potential of attosecond techniques in chemistry.

The COST Action will have a significant impact in several areas of chemistry, such as photovoltaics, radiation damage, catalysis, photochemistry, and the determination of structure. This will be supported by research activities combined with annual workshops, dissemination and training meetings, together with short-term scientific missions over the next 4 years.

Scientists interested to contribute to this Action network are sincerely invited to join COST Action Atto-Chem. For more information on how to do so, please contact the Action Chair Prof. Fernando Martin.

Looking ahead, next March 2020, the Action is organising a workshop in Cluj (Romania) as the first major activity of this new COST Action.

Attosecond Chemistry: View the Action.


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