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In order to make the application procedure as smooth as possible, the applicants are asked to follow the steps given below :

  • Step 1 : the applicant connects to https://e-services.cost.eu/STSM and encodes the requested information, including the motivation for the STSM, allignment of planned outcomes with Action objectives and a detailed workplan. After encoding all neccessary fields, the request can be saved (otherwise the information is lost) and a formal STSM application will be produced electronically.
  • Step 2 : the applicant must upload the following supporting documents :
    • a letter of support from the Home Institution
    • the scan of a letter from the host approving the work plan and the dates of the STSM.

Once submitted, the applicant and the STSM Coordinator, Prof. Bernard Piraux (bernard.piraux@uclouvain.be) will receive an automated message from e-cost.

All the STSM supporting documents are sent to the Action Core Group (CG) by the STSM Coordinator, that will evaluate if the proposed workplan is in line with the Action objectives. If the STSM is approved by the CG, the STSM Coordinator will record the pre-approval and the Grant Holder will send an acceptance letter to the applicant, in which the latter one is informed about the approval of his STSM and the level of the financial grant given. If things go smoothly, the procedure should take maximum three weeks.

Please, note that the final STSM grant could be lower than the the requested amount, depending on CG decision and budget availability. Preference will be given to young researchers, researchers from Inclusiveness Target (ITC) countries and STSM hosted or starting in any of the industrial nodes participating in the Action. Special consideration will be given to STSM involving the signatories of a cotutelle agreement.