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26marAll Day312023 Attosecond SchoolThe Frontiers of Attosecond and Ultrafast X-ray Science

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The International School “The Frontiers of Attosecond and Ultrafast X-ray Science”, will take place at the Ettore Majorana Center in Erice (Italy) on March 25-31, 2023 (https://www.attosecond-school.it/).

The main topics of the course are the following:

  • attosecond science and technology: generation and application of attosecond pulses to the investigation of electronic dynamics in atoms, molecules and condensed phases;
  • fundamentals, methods and applications of free electron lasers in atomic and molecular science.

Lectures will cover current developments in theory and experiments but are also intended to give the basics of the field.

This year the School is co-organized with the COST Action Attochem. The AttoChem network coordinates experimental and theoretical efforts to exploit the large potential of attosecond techniques in chemistry, with the aim of designing new strategies for the control of charge migration in molecules by directly acting on the attosecond time scale. AttoChem is funded by COST (www.cost.eu). COST is funded by the European Union.


  • Lukas Gallmann – ETH -Zurich (Switzerland)
    Laser Technology for Attosecond Science
  • Mikhail Ivanov – Max Born Institute (Berlin, Germany)
    Fundamentals of strong field physics
  • Anne L’Huillier – Lund University (Sweden)
    Attosecond atomic physics
  • Matteo Lucchini – Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
    Attosecond solid state physics
  • Agostino Marinelli – SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (USA)
    XFELs General theory. Attosecond FELs and applications
  • Fernando Martín – Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain)
    Attosecond molecular physics – Theory
  • Luca Poletto – IFN-CNR (Italy)
    X-ray optics
  • Pascal Salieres – CEA-Saclay (France)
    Attosecond metrology
  • Marc Vrakking – Max Born Institute (Berlin, Germany)
    Attosecond molecular physics – Experiments

Important deadlines

  • January 20 2023 to request scholarship
  • March 3 2023 for registration

The School Directors are:

Mauro Nisoli (Politecnico di Milano)
Louis DiMauro (Ohio State University)



march 26 (Sunday) - 31 (Friday)


Ettore Majorana Foundation


Mauro Nisoli & Louis DiMauro

Politecnico di Milano & Ohio State University

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